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Website van de familie Mühlenberg


At the end, (or at the entrance if you prefer) of the village, on the road that leads to the former Windmill "Trubert", you will find our little home sweet home. (oos heem in dutch dialect). The house which is an ancient "Longère", meaning it is build "in-line", offers 170 square meters of space.

The garden starts with an outdoor swimming pool measuring 9,5 by 4,8 meters. At the end of the property we find 500 square meters of mawn. The whole is surrounded by large agricultural fields.

Because of the warm water tubes of the pool heating the ground, we are able to grow exotic trees like a bananatree, a small palmtree and even an olivetree.


Situation of our house in the village



The pool on a nice warm summer afternoon:)




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